These handcrafted plaster boards are the perfect styling tools for wedding, lifestyle and editorial shoots.

Each surface is created by hand in my {home/studio} in Germany, meaning no two are the same.


Größe: 62cm x 84cm

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With their unique, hand-finished textures, these styling surfaces can be used to add an elegant touch to images of jewelry, flowers, stationery and more.

-  Since they are crafted by hand, exact texture and tone will vary with each surface.

-  Made of plaster on a light wooden board but is sturdy to take with you to the locations of your choice.

-  Surface imperfections are deliberate, which makes each one a unique piece or art.

- Take extra care when photographing flowers and food on it, as the moisture may affect the board.

-  Food is not edible after placing it on the board. 

- If a damage occurs from food or flowers, you can use a fine sand paper to gently smooth away the spot.

-  Since each piece is usually handmade to order, please allow around {7-10 days} for creating & shipping.

- No return option ones ordered.