Tanja Kibogo


Since years I have been a passionate destination wedding photographer and constantly on the lookout for beautiful and unique silkribbons here in Germany, but never found them.

Inspired and with the help of my role model in natural dyeing, Shellie from Silk & Willow,
I started my own silk ribbon business in the beginning of 2016. And couldn’t have been happier with the joy I get from all the beautiful colors that nature creates when cooking it in a dye pot. Silk is, I would say, a fine art material and gives packages, bouquets and stylings a super elegant and luxurous touch and feel. My name is Tanja Kibogo and based in a small town in Germany (Europe).



A special artwork is this logo, created by the ever so talented Annie from The Wellsmakery. I love it so much. It reminds me of summer, wind and free birds flying around ;) Such a perfect design illustrating the softness and luxury of fine silk ribbon and sheer silk linen. All my silk porducts are dyed with a variety of botanics, which gives them unique colors and textures.